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Professional Lighting Design

Developping a lighting scheme is a very interesting element of interior design. Elaborate illumination not only assures good visibilty when working, reading or cooking. It also structures a room, highlights furniture and architecture and creates a moodful ambience.

Whether for private homes or offices, a successful lighting scheme firstly considers how much light is needed where for what kind of activity. The light fitting itself, its design and its lighting qualities are then adapted to these defined requirements.

To develop a suitable lighting scheme for your home or office please do not hesitate to make an appointment with us.

We offer you a 3D simulation that determines the ideal distribution of light according to computer-based methods. You can visualize the atmosphere in a room beforehand and adjust lighting according to your needs. Our long-lasting experience for more than 20 years combined with these computer-based simulations will give you a maximum of planning security.

Basic light planning costs 75€ per room. It wont be charged to you, if you buy light fittings with a total value of 500€ per room within the following three months.

We also offer professional lighting design and planning for major projects such as medical clinics, offices or restaurants.

Further information is available by phone or E-mail:

Phone: +49 89 820 80 62 101

Fax: +49 89 820 80 62 200