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Le Klint light fixtures (commonly called lights) represent the essence of traditional Danish craftsmanship. The company founded by Tage Klint has produced unique, hand-made lights since 1943.

What characterises Le Klint lights is their unique DNA, shades made of paper or synthetic material which have been hand-pleated into complex patterns. These are based on consistent craftsmanship, which has required years of experience, and are manufactured in Odensee, where the company's headquarters are located in Denmark. The light fixtures with the beautiful, impressive shapes are made by the famous "pleating ladies", women who patiently acquire the necessary skills to master this unique pleating technique during three years of apprenticeship.

Le Klint was founded in 1943 by Tage Klint. It all started with Peder VJ Klints, an architect and engineer, who manufactured paper shades for oil lamps during his free-time. He involved family members and some friends in this activity to continually develop more efficient shades. Tage Klint, PVJ Klint's son, continued his father's work and added an elastic collar, which he patented. In 1943, a company bearing Tage Klint's daughter's name, Lise Le Charlotte, was founded. His brother, Kaare, and his son, Esben, were responsible for numerous light creations until the 1960s. From 1954, Jan, Tage Klint's son, took over the company; in 2001 he was replaced by Kim Weckstrøm Jensen.

The line Classic represents the quintessence of the Le Klint lights, which are lights made of pleated paper providing harmonious and glare-free illumination. Despite the company's strong DNA, Le Klint keeps in tune with the times by updating its designs with formal and technical trends. This is an ongoing process - working together with famous industrial designers and architects.

The result is a design which is unmistakably influenced by Scandinavian style, yet possesses its own formal language. The light fixtures, which were originally delicate and exuded a feminine charm, became more and more masculine and took on pure shapes, known as Nordic minimalism.

The CEO Kim Weckstrøm Jensen describes it with a quote:

"Our aim is to continually develop a both innovative and functional design, able to authentically represent our ethics, while respecting our DNA. We remain true to our original concept, but we permanently adapt to new trends ".

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