Viceversa Collection

Viceversa by Kundalini can also be installed
upside down and offers a wide range of design options.

Viceversa by Noé Duchaufour Lawrance for Kundalini was presented as a novelty in 2020 and convinces with its sensual and multifunctional character. A variety of installation options and its attractive design make the pendant light always appear unique and lively. The soft LED light creates an atmospheric ambience.

The shade of the Viceversa pendant light consists of a metallic frame with rounded edges and a bell-shaped glass diffuser. The integrated LEDs sit on top of the glass diffuser and distribute the light downwards and gently through the amber or smokey grey glass. The name of the pendant lamp reveals its ingenious functionality: the shade can be mounted viceversa. The glass shade can therefore be turned upside down.

If the opening of the glass diffuser faces upwards, it can be equipped with plant elements, for example. Viceversa 2 consists of two shades, which also can be attached viceversa. The Kundalini pendant light in cluster arrangement proves to be particularly attractive, which results in a dreamlike light cascade and provides sensational decorative accents. The structure is provided with IP54 protection.

The integrated LEDs can be dimmed via a 1-10V interface. Please note that an additional 5-wire cable must be installed.