Opyo Collection

The Opyo lights by Kundalini imitate the seed pods of
opium poppy plants and appear as bright spheres when switched on.

The Italian lighting label Kundalini is known for its nature-inspired designs. Opyo, a lamp creation by Cristina Celestino, shines with its natural note - the shade has the shape of an opium poppy seed capsule, from which opiates are extracted.

Kundalini translated the natural template into an extremely elegant lamp. With the help of noble materials and craftsmanship, Opyo becomes an expressive element of the interior design and produces at the same time a beautiful, diffuse and furthermore direct or indirect light. The spherical diffuser of the Kundalini Opyo consists of hand-blown glass, the modeled flowers are available in different colors. The structure of the Opyo floor lamp is made of metal with a glossy lacquer look and impresses with a filigree, straight rod and a robust base.

The Opyo pendant lamp is suitable for illuminating tables or counters, whereby several lamps in a row create a particularly attractive overall picture. Opyo appears like luminous spheres that can be easily integrated into different furnishing styles.

Kundalini Opyo is a design object with playful charm and sophistication that always creates fascinating optical effects.