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Despite its German-sounding name, Knikerboker is an Italian light manufacturer. This company, founded in 2004, is located in Bergame in northern Italy. Its founder, Gigi Ranica, first placed his energy in the service of fashion before setting off on a new path - designing light fixtures. Today he creates charming floor lamps, wall lamps, suspensions and ceiling lamps that establish a link between fashion and light fixtures. The Knikerboker lights are entirely made by hand in Italy, reflected in the manufacturer's motto "absolutely made in Italy". Ranica's lights are for the most part made of aluminium foil and aluminium wire. Following the motto "the art of hand made" they are made by hand and each of them looks like an authentic work of art.

The manufacturer Knikerboker offers light collections of stunning beauty despite their seemingly simple shape. Here are some examples: The collection Stendimi  is a humorous allusion to a very Italian tradition - laundry hanging from windows. The laundry is symbolised by a glass sheet hanging from a metallic rod. The simple-kept collection Hue is characterised by aluminium-foil diffusers that have been rolled up like a sheet of paper. The result is grand when several of them are connected to a ceiling plate: it is a suspension with dynamic design producing an explosion of light. The lights featured in the popular Confusione collection are crowns made of metallic wire.They serve as suspensions, ceiling lamps, wall lamps or floor lamps and are sprinkled with small lamps sparkling like diamonds. The Crash collection features lights made of crumpled aluminium foil and look like large floating sheets of paper with extraordinary allure. The larger they are, the lighter they seem.

The irregular surfaces of the lights manufactured by Knikerboker reflect the light in a special manner. The Crash light fixture made of aluminium sheet that has been crumpled like paper is illuminated in a way that enhances its relief and creates a wonderful pattern of lights and shadows. It is also true for the very original Eliptika collection by Knikerboker that is made of three aluminium rings forming a sphere. The light goes through the voids and shadows, casting a huge helix onto the walls. The Hue diffusers hold and reveal the light like a precious treasure.

Because they are made by hand of flexible and formable materials, Knikerboker light fixtures can be specially designed for specific architectural projects. The aluminium wire can be woven to form the most diverse shapes for a variety of projects. For example, a huge croissant was made to serve as a suspension in a café, a gigantic fish was created for a Norwegian restaurant and wire clouds were designed for other public spaces. Small lamps that sparkle like stars have been integrated into the woven wire.The Casino of Bregenz in Austria is also lit by spectacular suspensions made in the Knikerboker workshops. They have the appearance of an organically-shaped, metallic wave that is truly a work of art. Therefore, it is not surprising if design lights by Knikerboker are to be found in numerous restaurants, hotels or fashion shops located in Italy and in other parts of the world.

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