Jake Dyson CSYS Clamp Lamp

The metallic table and task light with clamp Jake Dyson CSYS Clamp is a state-of-the-art lighting fixture with a high-performance LED and refined thermal management for positioning on three axis.

Product details

The clamp lamp CSYS by the British manufacturer Jake Dyson is an innovative task light that uses state-of-the-art technologies. This swivel lamp made of aluminium, copper, steel and polycarbonate can be adjusted on three axis. The result is that the beam of its high performance 2700 K LED can be perfectly adjusted. The lighting part can be vertically and horizontally adjusted and can rotate on 360° as well.

Another characteristic of the CSYS clamp lamp is the efficiency and exceptionally long life span of its LED that can work for 37 years, 12 hours a day. The long life of the LED is made possible by a refined thermal management system that is located in the light fixture and that had been first developped for satellites and microprocessors. The produced heat is then cleared in the air with the aid of the caloduc technology. The LED benefits from a lower temperature whith the result that its lighting efficiency increases, its light is more uniform and it gains an exceptionally long life span.
Jake Dyson won the Home & Gardens Design Award 2013 thanks to this innovation.

The LED that generates an especially warm white light emits a beam with a 90° angle. Depending on the adjustement of the light fixture, the light is more or less focussed. This non-glaring light meets, for example, the requirements of architects and draughtsmen and of anyone who needs a task light that is both flexible and efficient. The sensorial dimmer also enables to vary the light intensity. The table lamp with clamp CSYS by Jake Dyson is affixed to the top and does not need a lot of space. Besides, its slender and thin shape does not block the view. It is available in neutral colours that give the light a professional appearance and enhance its high technology.

Technical specifications

Dimensions Height 864 mm, width max. 870 mm, for thickness max. 68 mm.
Cable length 2,5 m.
Bulbs 12W LED, 650 lm, 2,700K.
Selected Variant black/black
MPN: 167383-01
EAN: 5025155022184
Energy efficiency class A++, A+, A
This luminaire contains built-in LED lamps
The LED lamps cannot be changed in the luminaire
Scope of delivery Built-in LED modules
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