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Associating IP 44 with the degree of protection provided against the intrusion of solid objects and water may be right, but would not do justice to IP44.de. This leading manufacturer of exterior lighting was founded by Bernhard Schmalhorst in Germany in 1993 and aims to produce aesthetically and technically sophisticated designer lights. To achieve and maintain its high-level quality standards, all outdoor lights are made by hand in Germany. Following IP44.de's philosophy, each exterior light must fulfill the same design and quality standards as an interior light, and additionally withstand rain, sun, wind or hail for many years.  Therefore all IP44.de lights are made from stainless steel, anodized aluminium, borosilicate and toughened safety glass. At the same time, the puristic and delicate lighting fixtures achieve brilliant light qualities by using halogen or fluorescent lamps as well as LEDs. With the development and introduction of the innovative IvyLight®-technology, which is based on the optimized interplay of heat, colour and chip management, IP44.de reached another milestone in LED illumination.With their relentless dedication and the use of top-quality materials only, IP44.de, the experts for exterior lighting provide beautiful designer lights, which decorate and illuminate gardens, facades and entrance areas in a fascinating for many years.

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