Ingo Maurer
Zettel'z 6

The pendant lamp Zettel'z 6 by Ingo Maurer is made of stainless steel, heat-resistant
satin-frosted glass, 40 printed and 40 blank DIN-A6 sheets of high-quality Japanese paper.

Notes & Informations

The sheets of the Ingo Maurer suspension lamp are printed with lines of poetry about love and quotations about the vices in German, Italian, English, French, Spanish, Finnish, Macedonian, Persian, Chinese and Japanese.

About the Collection Ingo Maurer Zettel'z

The Zettel'z suspension is one of Ingo Maurer's most popular designs. The shade consists of numerous paper sheets of high-quality Japanese paper, and offers many customised options.

The light is available in two sizes. Zettel'z 5 has a5 size paper sheets and is equipped with two lamps. One spreads diffuse light, and the other is a reflector lamp for downward, direct lighting. The smaller Zettel'z 6 features paper sheets in a6 size and does not have a reflector lamp.

Ingo Maurer designed the Zettel'z light fixtures back in 1997, but its nonchalant, individual design perfectly reflects the modern taste. The shade is composed of paper sheets clamped to thin metallic rods to form a loose cloud around the lamp. A glass diffuser ensures diffusely-spread light that is always pleasant and glare-free.

It is possible to form the shade's shape as wished and determine its size when arranging the metallic rods holding the sheets. Some of the sheets bear inscriptions while other are blank, making it possible to write or draw on them. Zettel's enables you to express your own creativity, making each light fixture truly unique.

Zettel's is suitable for bedrooms, offices and workshops and serves as a table lamp in conference rooms and in every place where the creative spirit and joy of experimenting prevail.

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Technical specifications

Dimensions Diameter ca. 80 cm, cable length length max. 200 cm or 400 cm.
Bulbs 1 x max. 250W E27 230V halogen lamp.
MPN: 1156000
EAN: 4251545401838


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