Ingo Maurer
Oh Mei Ma Collection

The Oh Mei Ma pendant lights by Ingo Maurer are large
yet delicate creations made of six thin diffuser plates.

Ingo Maurer Ingo Maurer

The elegant pendant light Oh Mei Ma was created in 1997 by Ingo Maurer and his team. Very modern, airy and delicate despite its imposing size, it is a fantastic eyecatcher in rooms with high ceilings.

The collection includes the two LED pendant lights Oh Mei Ma and the larger Oh Mei Ma Kabir, both available in white or gilded versions. A version in silver used to be available as well, but is now only produced on request.

The pendant lamps feature six thin sheets, either made of paper covered with gold-leaf or of lacquered metal with a structured white finish. A plumb pendant made of plexiglass is suspended in this construction' centre. It has the shape of a ball in the white version and that of a cone in the gold version.

Oh Mei Ma and Oh Mei Ma Kabir are equipped with warm white LEDs, the light of which can be dimmed with a trailing edge phase-cut dimmer. An additional blue LED provides a soft colourful accent on the ceiling.