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Ingo Maurer Lucellino wall and ceiling lamp

The design lamp Lucellino is a small masterpiece created and produced by Ingo Maurer. The lamp body is made of glass, brass and plastic, the hand-crafted wings are built of goosefeathers. Read more

Ingo Maurer

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Wall and ceiling lamp Lucellino by Ingo Maurer is a fancy lamp made of glass, brass, plastic and hand-crafted goose-feather wings. Its name is a play on words derived from the Italian words luce ("light") and uccellino ("little bird") and perfectly describes the lamp's design.

The Lucellino wall and ceiling lamp is a low-voltage lampe which always requires a 24V transformer- Ingo Maurer manufactures four different versions of the lamp responding to various requirements.

The Lucellino wall and ceiling lamp without integrated transformer must be connected to an externally installed 24V transformer not included in the scope of delivery.

If you choose the version with integrated transformer the lamp can be directly connected to the wall socket and switched on and off by using the wall switch.
The light intensity can be adjusted by means of an external trailing edge dimmer (dimmer not included).

If there is no wall socket available, you can select the versions with external white power cord and transformer integrated on the power cord. There are two options available:
- with Touch-Tronic transformer which allows to turn on and off the light and to adjust its brightness by touching the lamp's metal parts or
- with externally mounted continuosly variebly transformer/dimmer to switch and dim the light.

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