Ingo Maurer
I Ricchi Poveri Collection

The table lamps I Ricchi Poveri by Ingo Maurer are inventive
lighting objects that deliver playful takes on the subject of the light bulb.

The collection Ricchi Poveri includes a series of unique lighting objects, part lamp, part work of art. In each case, the design revolves around the ligh bulb's theme, one of Ingo Maurer's favourite sources of inspiration.

The series consists of the two table lamps "Bzzzz" and "Five Butterflies" with handmade insect models that seem to flutter around the bulb; the table lamp "Toto", whose light bulb is topped by a cap endowed with round ears ; and the ironic "Monument for a Bulb", which lets a group of tiny figurines pay their respects to a seemingly giant light bulb.

It is more than obvious that I Ricchi Poveri aren't merely light sources, but design statements that are surprising, funny and even provocative. The light bulbs are especially created halogen lamps that are equipped with a red cable. They don't have to be screwed into a lamp base, making their brass socket and the entire bulb visible. Structure and base are made of brass and steel and are kept in a minimalist style so that the light bulb is always the centre of attention.

On sideboards and tables, I Ricchi Poveri provide beautiful accents and will draw comment from visitors and design connoisseurs. The light can be contiuously dimmed with a sliding dimmer.