Ingo Maurer
Flying Flames 7

Moritz Waldemeyer

The Flying Flames pendant light by Ingo Maurer with two downlights, seven LED candles and a
rectangular ceiling canopy. Dimmable. Made of circuit boads, metal, anodized aluminium and plastic.

Notes & Informations

Maximally 10 Flame elements (LED candles) and 3 downlights can be attached to the ceiling canopy.

Flying Flames is switched on and off with a wall switch. Each Flame element can also be dimmed by pressing a small switch located directly on the body. The downlights can also be separatedly dimmed and switched on and off with an integrated touch dimmer. With Memory function.

About the Collection Ingo Maurer My New Flame

The outstading design object My New Flame was created in 2012 by Moritz Waldemeyer for the innovative lighting brand Ingo Maurer. The light fixture utilizes modern LEDs to simulate a nostalgic lighting effect, namely the lively flicker of candle light - a completely novel idea that helped My New Flame to be included in the New Yorker Museum of Modern Art's permanent collection.

The product family includes the table lamp My New Flame as well as the single pendant light One New Flame and the modular pendant lamps Flying Flames, which also offer stronger, downward-directed LED spotlights in addition to the LED candles.

At the core of the design is a slender circuit board with displays located on each side of its upper tip. On each display, 128 LEDs simulate a dancing flame, unpredictable and always in motion. Even though the individual lighting dots that constitute the flame are easily visible, the movement is so natural that one is almost led to believe that a real flame is hidden behind the display. Still, the light's design is wholly modern, taking inspiration from technology, with the distinctive circuit board patterns and a pared-down formal language.

The table lamp sports the circuit board on a discreet base, and because it works cable-free, it can be used just like a real candle holder: as table decoration or to create a romantic mood lighting without the hassle of a cable.

The pendant lamps are suspended with two very thin cables. Aside from the single pendant light One New Flame, the collection also offers the opportunity to create larger and individual clouds of floating LED candles, the pendant lights Flying Flames: using rectangular or square ceiling canopies and up to 10 LED candles, with up to three added downlights. The downlights provide direct lighting, while the LED candle light's soft flickering plays a decorative role.

The light fixtures are made of metal, synthetic material and anodized aluminium. They are available in black, red and white. The canopies are always white.

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Technical specifications

Dimensions Flame Element: height 43 cm, width 3 cm, thickness 0.3 cm, cable length 200 cm.
Downlight Element: height 12 cm, cable length 250 cm.
Canopy: length 114 cm, width 40 cm, height ca. 5 cm.
Bulbs 7 x 0.6W LED, 2700K, CRI 80 (Flame Element).
2 x 7.5W LED, 2700K, each 730 lm, CRI 95 (Downlight Element).
MPN: 3334130 + 3335000 + 3336010
EAN: 4251545405836
Energy efficiency class A++, A+, A
This luminaire contains built-in LED lamps
The LED lamps cannot be changed in the luminaire
Scope of delivery Built-in LED modules
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