Ingo Maurer
Eclipse Ellipse

The LED wall lamp Eclipse Ellipse by Ingo Maurer for dramatic
shadows and indirect light. Made of steel and aluminium. Dimmable.

Product details

The LED wall light Eclipse Ellipse by Ingo Maurer provides both light and shadow. It was designed by Ingo Maurer in 2017 and has been part of the brand's portfolio since 2018.

Eclipse Ellipse is an elegant eye-catcher on the wall, and takes up a lot of space - because the cast shadow stretches far beyond the confines of the actual lamp shade. In modern living rooms, in corridors and reception areas, it constitutes a beautiful wall decoration and creates a pleasant atmosphere.

The lamp consists of a large, white disk and a smaller, black one, which is attached to a small rod and floats in front of the larger disk. The LEDs are located here, casting their light onto the large disk, which reflects the light, but also casts a bold shadow with an elliptical shape across the wall.

The dimension and shape of the shadow can be changed by adjusting the position of the two disks.

Eclipse Ellipse is made of aluminium and steel. It is dimmable with a suitable dimmer.

Technical specifications

Designer Ingo Maurer
Dimensions Diameter 60 cm.
Bulbs 12W LED, 2700 K, 1130 lm, CRI >95.
Selected Variant white
MPN: 1045000
EAN: 4251545400176
Energy efficiency class A++, A+, A
This luminaire contains built-in LED lamps
The LED lamps cannot be changed in the luminaire
Scope of delivery Built-in LED modules
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