Ingo Maurer Campari Light

This experimental lamp by Raffaele Celentano features a
lampshade made of authentic Campari bottles and is a real eye-catcher.

The Campari Light collection by Ingo Maurer consists of a pendant lamp and a table lamp called Campari Bar, with a shade made of real Campari soda bottles. The unique lamp was designed by Raffaele Celentano in 2002. Campari Bar was added to the collection in 2013.

The Campari lights have a striking shade that consists of ten Campari soda bottles. The highlight: thanks to their conical shape, the bottles nestle naturally around the reflector lamp forming a silhouette that comes very close to a classic lampshade. The light is emitted downwards, but also escapes through the bottles. The red liquid gives the light a warm, reddish shimmer and also lights up in an atmospheric way - just like a conventional lampshade made of textile or plastic. Each bottle can be easily removed from the holder and replaced when necessary.

Even the smallest detail adher to Campari Light's central theme: A Campari crown cap is integrated into the design of both table and pendant lights. It is used to adjust the height of the pendant light and as a handle for the table lamp's pull switch. The Campari Bar table lamp's shade is topped off with a glass cover in the shape of ice cubes and rests on an oval base made of porcelain, which is actually a plate from the Colombina collection by Alessi.

Campari Light is the perfect design lamp for the house bar in the living room, where it creates stylish lighting, and is sure to be a conversation starter.

Please note that the lamps are designed specifically for the weight and size of Campari soda bottles and must not be equipped with other types bottles.

The bowls shown in Campari Bar's photograph are only suggestions for decoration and are not included in the delivery.