Ingo Maurer
24 Karat Blau

Axel Schmid

The pendant lamp 24 Karat Blau by Ingo Maurer is composed of four plates
made of acrylic and gold leaf, suspended on a cross-shaped metal structure.

Notes & Informations

The pendant lamp 24 Karat Blau can be customized by adding the module 24 Karat Blau M. The resulting custom length pendant light is ideal above large dining tables.

About the Collection Ingo Maurer 24 Karat Blau

The 24 Karat Blau lamp was created by Axel Schmid and has been part of the Ingo Maurer portfolio since 2005.

Today, the collection encompasses a wall light, a table lamp and a floor lamp, as well as pendant lights that can even be customized with additional modules.

Karat Blau is characterized by a unique light effect. Only the blue light, with its short wavelength, passes through the thin layer of gold, while the warmer light is reflected back. The result is not only a warm direct light, but also a mysterious blue shimmer on the shade.

Each shade consists of different plates, made of gold leaf and transparent acrylic. The rectangular plates are attached to a cross-shaped metallic structure, creating a diffuser with a cubist touch, closed at the sides but with openings at the top and bottom for direct and indirect light. The metal structure's red lacquer complements the design, as it is the case for the floor and table lamps wich feature a red the cable and a red pull switch at the shade.

The 24 Karat Blau suspension can be equipped with additional modules to create custom lengths, while the large 1000 Karat Blau can take on many unique shapes by utilizing the corresponding modules, offering both custom lighting and a piece of art's captivating beauty.

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Technical specifications

Designer Axel Schmid
Dimensions Shade height 25 cm, width 33 cm, cable length 230 cm or 450 cm.
Bulbs 1 x max. 60W 230V E27 halogen lamp.
Selected Variant cable length 230 cm
MPN: 1570000
EAN: 4251545403238
This luminaire is compatible with bulbs of the energy classes* A++, A+, A, B, C, D, E
Scope of delivery Bulbs excluded
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