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The Arbor collection is an example of the modern Icone design. Integrated LEDs allow particularly flat reflectors that sit as round plates at the end of the arms and can be rotated in any direction. Arbor inspires with variable and mixable direct and indirect light.

The Confort and Swing ceiling lights are similarly modern, discreet and functional, in which several LED diffusers are integrated in a flat pane. Confort gives its simple design an elegant touch with contrasting details.

The design of the Spillo wall lights is clear and minimalist. Here the LEDs are integrated in thin rods that protrude diagonally from the wall and throw their light against the wall. The lamp itself takes a back seat while the wall shines in soft indirect light.

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More about the brand Icone

Icone is a brand for high-quality Italian designer lights that convince on a qualitative and aesthetic level.

Icone belongs to the company Minitallux, which was founded in 1970 by Giuseppe Pagnoncelli in Brembate, Italy and initially only produced lights for other companies. In the 1980s, however, Marco, Christiano, Davide and Massimo Pagnoncelli, the children of the company's founder, took a new direction and devoted themselves to their own designs, designed by Marco Pagnoncelli. These luminaires with an incomparable handwriting now run under their own brand Icone.

The typical Icone design uses high-quality materials such as glass and metal, as well as noble and elegant surfaces. Again and again there are copper, gold leaf and similarly precious elements that underline the high quality and sublime elegance of the designs.

Marco Pagnoncelli's style changed over the years, which also shaped the character and direction of Icone. While his early designs were characterized by experimental, artistic forms, his newer lamps are more straightforward, modern and formally reduced. At the same time, Icone is increasingly relying on LEDs as illuminants, which also opens up new possibilities in terms of design.

Icone offers a wide range of decorative design lights, from opulent to minimalist, from striking to subtle. They enrich private apartments, stylish hotels and public spaces with characterful lighting.

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