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Holtkötter - a long-established company relies on innovation and timeless design: Franz Holtkötter founded the Holtkötter lighting business in Bad Waldliesborn, Westfalia in 1964. Holtkötters knowledge of hand crafting and his interest in light and lighting technology built the headstone to its ongoing success story. High-qualtity materials, well-trained employees and a factory based on creating products from raw materials to finished products ensure the high quality of Holtkötters lamps. Modern, computerised technology guarantees high precision manufacturing. Aside from the Holtkötter's proprietary development, the Lippstadt-based design studio 08|16 quergedacht with the designers Torsten Cramer und Martin Neveling and the independent designer Gesa Fiedler create Holtkötters new lighting collection in close cooperation with each other. Among the most popular and best known Holtkötter lamps are the wall lamp Voilá, that was awarded with the audience award LEUCHTE DES JAHRES (light of the year), the classical floor lamp 2541 and the extravagant pendant lamp Eve. The Holtkötter assortment is well known for its variety, that allows to appeal to the zeitgeist as well as the traditional taste and different requirements in terms of lighting.

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