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The German light manufacturer, Helestra, with a long-standing history, manufactures elegant, distinguished lights for inside and outside. They appeal with charming designs and outstanding light quality.

Helestra light fixtures are very high-quality designer lights sold internationally and widely recognized in the lighting field. The company Helestra GmbH, a middle-sized Germany company, has its headquarters in Leppersdorf, a hamlet of Wachau, a town located near Dresden, in the former Eastern Germany.

The history of the Helestra company in Leppersdorf started in 1918. Helestra's name is composed of Heidenreich, Lehmann and Strangfeld, three family companies which were merged to form a "people owned company" called VEB Leuchtenbau Radeberg in 1972, a time when the Communists ruled the Democratic Republic of Germany. Leuchtenbau Radeberg manufactured decorative lights for export until 1990. After the Berlin wall fell in August 1990, the company Helestra Leuchten GmbH was founded as a branch of Schmitz Leuchten GmbH, taking back its old name. Today Helestra is one of the most famous German lights manufacturers. The portfolio not only comprises lights for indoors. Helestra demonstrates that it is able to manufacture outdoor lighting which is both functional and appealing with the collection "Light is outside".

The typical Helestra design is both unpretentious and elegant; that is why the lights adapt in a modern decor furnished in a timeless style. Helestra lights are characterised by a coloured design and clear geometric shapes. This explains why they are used in offices and conference rooms. The Helestra portfolio also includes decorative lights which emphasize private living spaces.

Helestra light's dignified character is also due to the materials used. These materials are satined or clear synthetic materials, glass or metal. The shapes are well-thought through and original. Helestra Leuchten GmbH creates lights which produce pleasant and striking lighting effects and are eye-catching because of their thin construction. Lights like the pendant lights Sally or Vin are very popular because of their innovative light adjustment EasyLift. Helestra suspensions can be height adjusted without a counterweight by simply moving them up and down. The winding mechanism is concealed in the ceiling rose. Helestra's portfolio for indoor lighting also includes wall lamps, floor lamps and table lamps. The suspensions with a filigreed suspension system and wall lamps for mirrors are also represented in the large product selection. In the wake of the LED's boom, Helestra Leuchten GmbH has started to use other bulbs and offers a large choice of LED wall lamps, LED ceiling lamps, LED suspensions and LED outdoor lights, sometimes with the innovative, integrated "Dimm" technique. Each Helestra light for indoors and outdoors appeals with a very high lighting quality and a beautiful design, as well as with high-end manufacturing.

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