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Danish design company Gubi invites us to a journey through design history with the introduction of the Pedrera Collection in 2010. The key piece of the Pedrera lighting collection is the floor lamp Pedrera PD2. It was originally designed in 1955 by Barba Corsini for the appartments of the castle-like building La Pedrera in Barcelona and another architectural masterpiece of Antonio Gaudi. The plain yet impressive design of the floor lamp Pedrera PD2 which was inspired by Gaudi's chimneys is timelessly attractive and equally suited for rather classic or modern interiors. It is mainly thanks to architect Joaquim Ruiz Millet, that these spohisticated designer light is still available today. He discovered the floor lamp in 1990 during the renovation of La Pederera and literally saved it from being thrown in the trash. Millet joined forces with Corsini to re-edit the floor lamp in 1991 and to co-design a pendant and a table lamp completing the Pedrera Collection. Design firm Gubi who already recognized the potential of Bestlite designer lights now manufactures and distributes the Pedrerea Collection worldwide.

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