Foscarini Gregg

Gregg Collection

The extensive Gregg collection is a Foscarini classic and
inspires with the asymmetrically shaped, white glass balls.

Ludovica & Roberto Palomba

Ludovica & Roberto Palomba Ludovica & Roberto Palomba

The Italian architect and designer duo, Ludovica and Roberto Palomba, designed Gregg Sospensione in 2007 - since then, the collection has not only expanded steadily, but has also become a modern Foscarini classic. Thanks to the organic, asymmetrically shaped diffuser, which breaks with the conventional idea of spherical lights.

The Gregg lights' white diffuser is made of hand-blown, satined glass and impresses with its no-frills, original shape that is reminiscent of a large pebble. In combination with the material glass, Gregg radiates an incomparable elegance, while, because of the organic shape, Gregg looks a little different from every angle.

The classic Gregg Sospensione is now available as Gregg Grande, Gregg Media or Gregg Piccola. As a 9-flame pendant lamp on round or elongated ceiling canopies, it provides for special lighting moments. The light emitted by the illuminant is glare-free and homogeneous. In addition to usual screw bases for halogen lamps, Gregg comes in LED versions with an embedded LED circuit board, which prove to be energy-efficient and sustainable. The Gregg collection also offers floor, table, wall or ceiling lights and in addition, there is a Gregg Semi Parete wall light, which is a space-saving light source, for example, in narrow corridors. With the Gregg Piccola Mirror presented in 2021, the attractive Foscarini lamp can now be mounted on mirrors in the bathroom. With IP44 protection, it is also protected against splashing water.

A Foscarini Gregg light fixture is a timelessly beautiful lighting object which upgrades every modern or classic setting. It shines with pure aesthetics and harmonious lighting effects.