Chouchin Sospensione

Ionna Vautrin

The Chouchin pendant lamps of blown glass quote the shape of Japanese paper
lanterns. Chouchin comes in three shapes with different colours each and provides direct light.

About the Collection Foscarini Chouchin

Chouchin by Foscarini - beauty in white, grey, orange or green: the youthful pendant lamp Foscarini Chouchin by Ionna Vautrin is subtle and yet unique. Its bulbous shade is inspired by Japanese lanterns, but seems elegant and sophisticated. Chouchin captivates with a mixture of Far Eastern flair and modern elegance. It is a special eye-catcher, but does not have a domineering presence the room. At the same time, the lamp impacts on its environnment by enveloping the table in a light island without isolating it from the rest of the room, because Foscarini Chouchin's soft light creates smooth transitions. When installed in a row, it unfolds its full beauty. Chouchin is available with shades in a choice of three different dimensions and colours: Chouchin 1 is the larger one, bulbous variant and glows in orange, Chouchin 2 is green, and Chouchin 3, the smaller bulbous pendant lamp, comes in elegant grey.

Chouchin is equipped with an E27 base or with an innovative LED module specially developed by Foscarini. This combines optimal light quality, sustainable efficiency and aesthetic standards at the highest level. Uniform lighting, warm colour temperature, optional dimmability and a long service life make the Foscarini LED unit a guarantee for a future-oriented LED lamp. At the same time, the LED unit meets the Italian manufacturer's high requirements in terms of design and style. The LED module enriches various Foscarini classics, as it is here the case for the Foscarini Chouchin LED.

Chouchin Reverse is the "upside down" variant of Chouchin. The colour scheme has been reversed. The glass shade is now white and the lower "collar" is orange, green or grey. The wonderful design has remained the same. Thanks to the new, more neutral colour design, Chouchin Reverse by Foscarini can be inserted in any interior. The color ring still sets a colourful accent, but the overall impression is more subtle, the lightness and elegance of the glass body is underlined.

Foscarini Chouchin Sospensione is a wonderful collection of modern, creative pendant lights in various colors and shapes. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have, for example on the implementation of several Foscarini Chouchin lights on a multiple canopy!

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Technical specifications

Dimensions Chouchin 1, round-bodied and large: shade height 31 cm, diameter 40 cm.
Chouchin 2, slim and tall: shade height 43 cm, diameter 22 cm.
Chouchin 3, round-bodied and small: shade height 25 cm, diameter 30 cm.
Ceiling rose diameter: 16 cm, cable length 3.5 m.
Bulbs 1 x max. 21W E27 LED lamp.
MPN: FN210073E_11


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