Twiggy Terra LED MyLight

Marc Sadler

Twiggy Terra MyLight LED is an expansive floor lamp by Foscarini. It is
switchable and dimmable via Casambi, famous for its opaque shade and its slender bent arm.

Notes & Informations

The Twiggy Terra MyLight LED suspension utilizes the smart and user-friendly Casambi device, enabling to adjust the light intensity from 0 to 100%. For this purpose, additional cables, switchs, devices or Internet connections are not required. the light is installed and connected with a Smartphone, a tablet or any control unit via Bluetooth. New configurations by qualified personnel are not necessary.

Thanks to the innovative "Tunable White" effects, the light takes on a warmer colour when dimmed. The colour temperature areas range from the very warm with 2500K to an intense white of 4500K.

About the Collection Foscarini Twiggy

The Twiggy arched lamp by Foscarini was designed by Marc Sadler in 2008 and quickly achieved the status of a modern classic. As one of the bestsellers in the Foscarini repertoire, Twiggy is now available in numerous versions and includes LED and outdoor versions.

The lamp convinces with a clear structure and a particularly filigree shape. The slim, curved rod lends the lamp an unmatched lightness and youthful dynamism. The Twiggy Terra arched lamp is perfect as a modern statement piece in the living room or in office spaces. If chosen in a coloured version, it also sets a colorful accent.

The light shines upwards and downwards through the shade, emitting both indirect room light and direct light that can be used for reading or as table lighting. Twiggy is suitable for use in cozy living rooms, in the reading corner or next to a dining table as a replacement for a pendant lamp. Twiggy is adjustable in height and can be adapted precisely to the place of use. With the Foscarini Twice as Twiggy, the Italian manufacturer presents a Twiggy with doubled dimensions for particularly large rooms.

The luminaire is made of a composite material based on fiberglass, entirely painted which explains that it seems to be made of a single piece.

In addition to the classic arched lamp, the collection also includes usual floor lamps, table lamps and pendant lamps. They keep the original design's delicate aesthetics and use the characteristic shade, so that the Foscarini Twiggy Lettura floor lamps and the pendant lights also provide a cozy mix of direct and indirect light.

A variation of the usual shade design was made for the exterior lights of the collection: Twiggy Grid has a shade that is not smooth and closed on the side, but has a grid pattern that is reminiscent of wicker and produces interesting additional lighting effects. Of course, this makes the luminaire look even more airy and much more subtle, especially in the outdoor area. In addition to the models for conventional lamps, there are also some Twiggy lights with integrated LEDs and a version for control via Casambi.

2021 brings a new version of the popular Twiggy collection. Twiggy Elle with a new light stem of 2,6 meters extends farther in the room and gives you more freedom to furnish it. Twiggy Elle can be placed in the middle of a room or serve to illuminate a large table, which works in both private and public spaces. A simple counterweight system enables to place the diffuser at three different heights.

The lighting module with a double LED circuit was entirely renewed in 2021. The result is a diffuser with a clear design and a warmer and cozier illumination.

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Technical specifications

Dimensions Shade diameter 46 cm, shade height 29 cm, diameter floor base 60 cm, cable length 330 cm.

Without additional arm: Depth 170 cm, height to the shade 145/165 cm, total height 195/215 cm.

With additional arm (40 cm): Depth 185 cm, height to the shade 175/195 cm, total height 230/250 cm.
With additional arm (80 cm): Depth 200 cm, height to the shade 210/230 cm, total height 260/280 cm.
Bulbs 31W LED (24+7 Mid-power), 2500K - 4500K, 4080 lm, CRI>90.
MPN: 159003ML-20
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