Troag Collection

Luca Nichetto

The Foscarini Troag pendant lamp is characterized by a
straight wooden body with dynamically milled ends. Downlight.

The designer Luca Nichetto designed the Troag pendant lamp for Foscarini in 2010 and was inspired by canoe-shaped wooden bowls of Swedish tradition, which are used to press fruit.

Troag is characterized by a linear wooden body, the multilayer wood is warm bent and the edges are machined with a special milling. This creates a sloping, dynamic profile, which is emphasized even more clearly by the grain of the wood. There is an opal-colored diffuser made of PMMA inside the wooden frame. It hides the light source and the technical wooden parts. The Troag light is emitted downwards to illuminate tables or surfaces evenly. It is suspended on filigree wire ropes and is adjustable in height. Special cable lengths of 10 meters can also be ordered.

The pendant lamp is available in the natural wood color. Despite its considerable width of more than two meters, Troag Grande seems to float gracefully in the room - it is the ideal lighting solution for long dining or conference tables.