Filo Collection

The Foscarini Filo are artfully made light fixtures, equipped
with decorative, eye-catching elements, and spread cozy light.

Filo by Foscarini is more than a table, floor or wall lamp. It is a unique, modern work of art that reinterprets traditional elements of a light fixture - stands, shades and cables - in an original way. They come with decorative elements to create an extravagant piece of jewelry.

The tangled textile cable immediately catches the attention. It lies casually on the metallic stand and decisively shapes the light fixture's appearance. In contrast, the slim, conical porcelain shade almost fades into the background. When switched on, it glows softly and cozily, but even when switched off, Filo attracts everyone's attention. Two glass balls are lined up on the cable and give the design balance and other contrasts.

Another special feature of Filo is that the designs do not only differ in color. The shapes and surface structures of the two decorative glass balls also differ from one version to the other. Each version of the Filo light fixture has its own character. The different versions have names that invite you to dream: They are named after distant cities and after precious gems, in contrast to their abstract design, designed down to the smallest detail.

Filo by Foscarini made her debut at the Euroluce 2017 and received its first award as "Best Product" in the field of lighting.