Allegro Collection

Atelier Oï

Delicate and almost immaterial: The Allegro or Allegretto collection
by Foscarini consists of the pendant lights Assai, Ritmico and Vivace.

The Foscarini Allegro / Allegretto light family has a unique look, the diffuser's shape results from an interplay of straight and curved lines. Despite their impressive size, the lights make a graceful and light impression and seem almost immaterial. They are designed in the tradition of a classic chandelier, but interpret the chandelier principle in an original and modern way. Allegro not only illuminates, but forms a focal point in the room with its own size and shape.

The studio Atelier Oï designed Allegro for Foscarini in 2007, and the collection was expanded in 2009. Allegretto are Ritmico, Vivace and Assai in smaller sizes. Allegretto can replace the chandelier as the visual center of a room or accompany the larger models.

Assai is the largest version of the three Allegro models, Vivace is the smallest one. Assai, Ritmico and Vivace are all composed of numerous aluminum rods, but do not produce a cold impression, but create beautiful light and shadow effects. In addition, Allegro / Allegretto have a unique characteristic: slight vibrations let the aluminum bars vibrate and produce a soft sound.

The Allegro lights are available with or without integrated LEDs. Allegretto, however, is only available for E27 lamps. Each one features an unique silhouette and colour. Each version emits both direct downward light and indirect light that is reflected from the ceiling.