Flos Kelvin

Kelvin Collection

Antonio Citterio

In its modern LED edition, the design lamp by Antonio Citterio sports
an adjustable square-shaped reflector head equipped with integrated LEDs.

The Flos Kelvin collection comprises a range of functional work and reading lamps with adjustable light. The 2003 design was created by Antonio Citterio and is one of the most successful collections of the Flos brand.

The design is characterized by a flexibly adjustable double-arm structure and an adjustable luminaire head for direct light. Flos Kelvin is available as a desk lamp with base, clamp or with furniture adapter for permanent installation, as a wall lamp and as a floor lamp. For small desks, Flos offers the Mini Kelvin LED table lamp, which has only one arm instead of its big sister's double arm, and generally uses smaller dimensions but similar proportions.

The Flos Kelvin table lamp was originally developed for use with halogen or fluorescent lamps. The shade had a characteristic cone shape, made to fit the required E27 lamps in size and shape. With the triumph of LED technology, however, this old model was eventually replaced by Kelvin LED: Since LEDs require less space than conventional illuminants, more compact shapes are possible. The lamp head is no longer conical, but flat and space-saving. The luminaire thus appears more subtle and lighter, without losing any of its functionality.

The square-shaped lamp head sports modern rounded edges. The LED diffuser is located on the entire lower side, while the top features a touch dimmer. Its position accommodates intuitive use: it is always easily accessible and can be operated without having to bend or get up from the desk chair.

The different models of Kelvin LED have useful additional functions. Many of the luminaires are now equipped with an energy-saving lighting mode called Green Mode, which automatically adjusts the brightness of the luminaire to the current lighting situation in the room. The mode can be deactivated to allow manual dimming whenever desired.

Kelvin Edge is the latest version, now with modern Edge Lighting technology and offering three-stage dimming and the possibility to adjust the colour temperature between sober coolwhite and cozy warmwhite light. The same lamp can provide bright light for work during the day, and relaxing light in the evening.