Taraxacum 88 Collection

Luminous dandelion: The Flos Taraxacum 88 lamp is equipped with
several globe lamps that produce generous, reflected room light.

Taraxacum 88 was designed by Achille Castiglioni in 1988 and is still an integral part of the Flos collection available as a wall or ceiling lamp and as a pendant lamp in two sizes.

The unusual light object allows various associations: whether a ball made of soap bubbles, an atomic model or - as the name suggests - a dandelion. While the Taraxacum model by Castiglioni from 1960 is enveloped like a cocoon, the illuminants in the Taraxacum 88 are exposed and emit the light directly and unfiltered. The structure consists of several triangles made of polished cast aluminum, on which the E27 sockets for the globe lamps are located. Several globe lamps, with the large Taraxacum 88 S2 a 120 pieces in total, result in a unique look and a powerful ambient light that shines in all directions.

Thanks to the many globe lamps, Taraxacum 88 appears like a shining ball, a remarkable hexakis octahedron that is an absolute eye-catcher in the room. This basically simple design by Castiglionis also proves to be a sophisticated art of light and a fabulous design piece that exudes extravagance and lightness at the same time.

The ceiling mounting, hanging rope and canopy of the Taraxacum 88 pendant lamp are made of steel.