Superarchimoon Collection

Philippe Starck

Superarchimoon by Flos is an oversized floor lamp in the form of
a typical table lamp with swivel arms. Interior or exterior version.

The oversized Superarchimoon floor lamp by star designer Philippe Starck has been part of the Flos range since 2000. A few years later, the oversized lamp is also available as the Superarchimoon Outdoor.

The Superarchimoon was originally intended to be an oversized prototype for the Archimoon table lamp at a Flos trade fair stand, but the interest in the large lamp was so immense that it was added to the Flos range as a separate product.

With a height of over two meters (in a right-angled position) and an outreach of 2.4 meters, Superarchimoon belongs to the "exceptionally large floor lamp" category, keeping the promise in its name. Its characteristic design has the form of an oversized table lamp with a swivel arm and a large and round base. It is made of aluminum and steel. The outer conical shade is made of a pleated fabric and the inner diffuser is made of borosilicate glass. The light mainly escapes downwards without glaring, but the light also gently shines upwards. The shade with its pleated fabric structure ensures a cozy lighting mood in the room.

The Superarchimoon outdoor floor lamp is the casual, charming version with a shade made of Dedon fiber. This is available in two colors or weavings: Panama is reminiscent of Mediterranean cane and is lighter in the upper part and titanium grey on the lower edge. The loosely woven network of carbon-colored PVC fibers is more contemporary. The inner diffuser made of injection-molded opaline polycarbonate covers the lamp and distributes the light evenly in all directions. The Superarchimoon Outdoor is made of grey painted and specially machined, partly galvanized parts that are insensitive to weather conditions.

The movable lamp arms allow the light to be adjusted as required.