Gun Collection

Philippe Starck

Design in the service of world improvement - the Flos Gun
collection with iconic lamp base in the form of a pistol and black shade.

When designing this collection of lights, the designer Philippe Starck wanted to create an object to remind us that other people are dying while we live in prosperity. The replicated gun refers to the critical link between war and profit. With the rather provocative Gun design, Starck sparked a discussion but achieved his intention to draw attention to arms exports from worldwide governments.

The lamp base is shaped like a pistol, which gives the Flos Gun its iconic silhouette. The body consists of an 18K gold-plated, die-cast aluminum alloy. The plasticized, matt black paper shade receives a gold-plated screenprint internally.

The collection consists of three lights: Table Gun, Bedside Table Gun and Lounge Gun. While the first two can be placed on bedside tables, side tables or sideboards, the Lounge Gun floor lamp is a design statement next to couch landscapes or in sitting areas.

Flos donates 20 percent of the profits to the Frères des Hommes Europe association. It is a European, non-governmental organization (NGO) for international cooperation that has existed in Italy since 1969. It operates in Africa, Asia and Latin America and promotes economic and social plans for the benefit of disadvantaged people. In particular, Fratelli dell & # 39; uomo's projects, in collaboration with local partners, aim to overcome existing underdevelopment in the southern countries of the world, thereby promoting the development of local communities and their social environment.