Coordinates Collection

Michael Anastassiades

The Flos Coordinates collection consists of horizontal and vertical
luminous rods that can be arranged into lattice-like lighting systems.

The collaboration between the designer Michael Anastassiades and the Italian brand Flos is crowned by numerous successful projects – in 2020 the Coordinates Collection, a lighting system with many facets, appeared.

Basically, the lighting objects consist of horizontal and vertical aluminum rods, which are equipped with permanently installed LEDs and diffusers made of opal platinum silicone. Connected to each other, the rods result in lattice-like, light-emitting and sometimes complex structures that are either designed as standard models or customized for every architectural environment. The anodized surface gives the Coordinates lights a luxurious and elegant look.

The Coordinates S1 and C1 are composed of three light rods, while the coordinates S3 form a grid-like structure with a total of six rods. The most complex prefabricated models are offered by the Coordinates S4/C4 and the Coordinates Module S/C with up to eight elements. Cluster-like arrangements for a particularly impressive lighting system in representative rooms with high ceilings, reception halls or foyers are possible. Flos also offers tailor-made lighting solutions.

The supply takes place via a decentralized ceiling rose. The LEDs can be dimmed using Push / DALI, for which an additional 5-wire cabling must be installed.