Arco LED

Achille Castiglioni

Flos Arco LED, the contemporary version of famous floor lamp Arco by the Castiglioni
brothers, combines latest LED technology with classic design made of marble and aluminium. Dimmable.

About the Collection Flos Arco

The Arc lamp Flos Arco is a classic and a true icon of interior and lighting design. The design by the brothers Pier Giacomo and Achille Castiglioni from 1962 was primarily intended to solve a practical problem: it was not always possible to install a pendant light directly above the dining table in the apartment, so that parts of the table had to remain in the dark. So the brothers looked for an alternative and found inspiration elsewhere: with street lamps that let their lamp head protrude into the street on a long, curved arm. This was the principle behind Arco.

Each element of the 2.40 meter high cult and art object Arco is in itself simple and functional - the dome-shaped, chrome-plated shade directs the light downwards. The slim, curved shaft made of satin-finished, stainless steel is extendable and makes it possible to adjust the bow smaller or wider. The reflector made of polished and zapon-lacquered cast aluminum is adjustable and height-adjustable.

The base made of white Carrara marble serves as a counterweight to give the lamp a secure stand in any position. The marble block is a functional, decorative distinguishing feature of Arco - with its flattened edges, it reduces the risk of injury and the distinctive hole is used to transport the lamp: If you stick a broomstick or a similar rod through it, two people can safely lift the 66 kg marble block.

The timelessness of the lamp, with its perfect arch, the noble materials and the cozy lighting effect, makes it one of the most popular design classics, which is compatible with practically every furnishing style. Arco looks elegant and discreet and yet shapes its respective location. This is not least due to their imposing size. The protruding lamp arm can illuminate tables or sofa seating areas. However, it can also provide excellent light over large living spaces to create space for leisurely reading. The Arco floor lamp has been in the renowned New York Museum of Modern Art since 1972.

In addition to the original version for conventional E27 lamps, Flos now also has a version with integrated LEDs that are state-of-the-art: dimmable, with a diffuser, warm white and with very good color rendering. Arco LED is dimmed and switched using the foot switch. The light can be dimmed in two stages (100% and 50%) or continuously (10% -100%).

The Multichip LED board, which is attached to a ceramic plate, is an LED that emits a particularly warm white light, similar to that of the incandescent lamp (2,700 degrees Kelvin). At the same time, the light source has a high quality of color rendering. Due to the lower acrylic glass shade, which is integrated in the metal shade of the lamp, the light shines downwards very evenly and with little glare.

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Technical specifications

Dimensions Height 2,320 mm, width 2,200 mm, diffuser diameter 320 mm, marble height 550 mm.
Bulbs 1 x 28W Multichip Led, 2,700 K, 2,068 lm, CRI 93, 100-240V.
MPN: F0303000
EAN: 8059607000991
Energy efficiency class A++, A+, A
This luminaire contains built-in LED lamps
The LED lamps cannot be changed in the luminaire
Scope of delivery Built-in LED modules
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