Fatboy Buggle-Up Beanbag

fatboy Buggle-up beanbag or how to sunbathe in style. Adjustable straps guarantee comfortable sitting and lying positions as well as easy carrying. The robust fabric comes in many colours.

Product details

For sunbathing, lounging or cocktail sipping - fatboy Buggle-Up is the easy-care outdoor version of the fatboy Originial beanbag. But Buggle-Up goes a step ahead: water- and dirt repellent polyester fabric with PVC-coating, adjustable straps and 360 liters EPS (Expanded Polystyrene Packaging) pearls that perfectly adapt to your seating or lying position. Total relaxation guaranted!

The fabric can be cleaned with lukewarm water and neutral soap. The straps allow you to easily carry your Buggle-Up from one place to the other.

Attention: Please note, that Buggle-Up is suitable for use outdoors, but not for a permanent installation in the outdoor area.

Technical specifications

Designer Alex Bergman
Dimensions 190 cm x 140 cm.
Weight: 8.87 kg.
Selected Variant
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