Fabbian Sospesa

Sospesa Collection

The Fabbian Sospesa suspensions consist of rectangular glass plates
with twelve up to 72 light points for a stylish general illumination.

A glass plate floating in the air with a light-weight appearance lends the room elegance and high-class. It is Sospesa, a collection of suspensions, designed by the designers Paolo De Lucchi and Lisa Bellon for the Italian light label Fabbian.

Sospesa is available in several sizes and each version consists of a flat plate of hardened, transparent glass with a thickness of 1,5 cm. The structure is made of polished metal. Each model has twelve to 72 light points for G4 lamps in their glass plate. Sospesa's power circuit runs in the plates' pathes. The electronical ballast is included.

The Sospesa suspensions are also able to generously illuminate larger surfaces, such as conference tables. Fabbian Sospesa's unique manufacturing process is reflected in its imposing and elegant character and turns it into a stylish enrichment in every room.