Fabbian Giro

Giro Collection

The original Fabbian Giro LED suspensions convince with a
filigreed and airy character resulting from the many metallic rings.

The suspension Giro impresses with a filigreed shape, composed of 32 metallic rings in total. These rings of diverse sizes form a ball, suspended discreetly from the ceiling rose on three cables. The reflector is a round lens equippped with integrated 3000K LEDs and connected to the ceiling rose with an electrical cable. This lens can be affixed centrally or laterally in one of the metallic rings, and shines inside the shade.

Please, note that the Giro suspension is delivered in parts and must be assembled by hand.

Giro by Fabbian is available in two sizes. The Giro lights can be dimmed via an external phase dimmer (TRIAC).