Fruitfull Collection

Their fancy shape turns the Fabbian
Fruitfull lights into unparalleled lighting objects.

The Fabbian Fruitfull collection is an outstanding combination of first rate design and magnificent local glass art. The light fixtures have a fancy shape which has a different appearance, depending on the angle from where they are seen. From the side, Fruitfull seems to be ball-shaped, while, seen from downwards or upwards, it features a starry shape.

The collection, composed of a suspension and a table lamp, in two sizes each, has a unique three-dimensional shape and lighting effect, while it is positively surprising even when switch off.

The light fixtures Fabbian Fruitfull are decorative, poetical and produce an impression of lightness. Their timelessness lets them especially shine in modern, minimalist interiors. However, they harmonize very well with somewhat more classical furnishings.

The diffusers are made of glass and available in two acid-etched surfaces, while the structure is made of white lacquered Plexiglas®.