Freeline F44 A05/A06

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The suspension Freeline by Fabbian has an aluminium profile of three meters which can
be suspended in diverse positions, for upward and downward light. Dimmable (1-10V, Push).

Notes & Informations

The Freeline suspension is suitable for the illumination of long conference tables or working places, or as an indirect light source in large rooms or long corridors.

About the Collection Fabbian Freeline

The Fabbian Freeline suspensions provide directed light, variously steerable: as uplight lamp or for downward lighting, as indirect light source or table illumination, featuring a minimalistic design according to the principle "form follows function".

The slender aluminium profile is grooved along its length which lends it an interesting appearance. The grooves are also significant to hang and direct the reflector, because both holding brackets by means of which the rod is attached to the suspension cables are affixed in them. Depending on the grooves in which the brackets are clipped, the Freeline suspension serves as an uplight lamp, shines downwards or is suspended so as to offer obliquely downwards shining light.

The suspension Freeline is an especially minimalistic and discreet suspension with a sometimes unusual length. The slender aluminium profile has a length of one, three or even three meters, features a diameter of 2,3 cm only and is simply suspended on two cables.

The profile is equipped with permanently included, warm white LEDs, the light of which shines in a 120 degrees angle. It is possible to suspend the profile in a variety of positions, enabling to obtain, if desired, an indirect light upwards, a downward light for illuminating large tables and long counters, or obliquely shining light for individual requirements. The power supply is ensured by an electrical cable, running between the light fixture and the rectangular driver casing.

The Freeline ceiling lamp combines three slender aluminium profiles of different lengths to form an extended triangular shape, suspended under the ceiling and scoring with a smaller height, and also with a versatile lighting. The three profiles are connected to each others with brackets and can be installed so as to shine upwards, or downwards, or sideways. Indirect or direct lighting in various combinations enable to use the Freeline ceiling in many ways.

The Freeline ceiling lamp's appearance has a technical and functional appeal with a nonchalant note, thanks to its asymmetrical shape and seemingly randomly crossing rods. The aluminium profiles are affixed on unobtrusive cables to the ceiling and, thanks to their slender shape, float feather-light and apparently weightlessly at a distance of at least 15 cm under the ceiling.

Note: For dimming the Freeline suspensions an additional cable with 5 wires (1-10V, Push) is necessary.

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Fabbian Freeline

Technical specifications

Dimensions Length 300 cm, profile diameter 2.3 cm, total height with suspension min. 15 cm, max. 200 cm, canopy length 32.5 cm, canopy height 4.5 cm.
Bulbs 43.2W LED, 120°, 2880 lm, 2700K/3000K, CRI 90.
MPN: F44A06 02


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