Fabbian Cloudy

Cloudy Collection

Regular rounded shapes in the light body are responsible
for the Fabbian Cloudy lights' cloud-like appearance.

The appealing Cloudy ceiling lamps and suspensions by Fabbian consist of a glass body, shaped like a cloud, and of a metallic structure of cast aluminium. Regular bulges to the outside give the light fixture a shape which is harmonious and immediately familiar. Cloudy spreads not only light, but also a positive atmosphere in the room.

The glass body is partly tinted in white, partly transparent, which lends the light fixture the weightless and intangible charm possessed by the clouds.

Cloudy as a suspension is suspended from the ceiling on a suspension system, while its cable is not under tension, but runs in loose waves between the diffuser and the ceiling rose. This reinforces the impression that the suspension's cloud-like shape floats in the room.

Each Fabbian Cloudy light is available in two different sizes, has permanently installed LEDs and is dimmable via an external phase dimmer.