Estiluz Balloon

Balloon Collection

The Balloon lights by Estiluz have the appearance of
luminous balloons which seem to gracefully float in the room.

The cheerful light Balloon by Estiluz has the appearance of a balloon which floats in the room and shines with a diffuse light. It was designed by CrousCalogero.

The collection comprises a wall lamp, a ceiling lamp and diverse suspensions with one or more diffusers. Balloon can set a humorous or dreamy accent in a child's room, serve in living rooms and bedrooms and is suitable for individual arrangements for decorating restaurants, cafes and event locations.

The Balloon light's diffuser consists of satined white polyethylene. It is rounded and tapered below like a balloon. It is closed with a red string which serves as a pull-switch for the wall lamp and complements the design with style and humor.