Gada Collection

The shades of the Gada LED lights are slender and long, and
get a unique character thanks to the special surface versions.

The Gada LED light by the Estiluz label was designed by Boti de Dominicis Studio and connects industrial formal language with modern minimalism. Especially the choice of fancy finishes turns Gada into a changeable light fixture which adapts to each interior and sets stylish accents.

The shade is shaped like a long and slender roof. It directs the integrated LEDs' light in one direction, downwards or, if it is a wall lamp to the back against the wall. Structure and suspension of the light are unobtrusive and have an elegant appearance, so that the charming shade always attracts the attention. It is lacquered in white or covered with a vinyl surface. The vinyl is available in a choice of three surfaces which imitate diverse refined materials: light grained wood, black marble and light grey concrete. Especially the two last versions are available in a charming contrast to the filigreed construction of the light, which shines with lightness and nonchalant charm.

As a table lamp and suspension, Gada is suitable for illuminating working areas. Its warm white light with high colour rendering is well-suited for dining tables and kitchen counters.