Established & Sons
Torch Light Collection

Sylvain Willenz

The fancy light collection was designed by Sylvain
Willenz for Established & Sons following the example of a torch.

The Torch Light collection includes various suspensions and a multifonctional table lamp which has the appearance and the function of a flashlight. It was designed by Sylvain Willenz for the British design brand Established & Sons.

The light body consists of soft rubber and appeals with an especially beautiful feel. The round diffuser is simply inserted in the formable body and complements the design with a charming contrast. Made of transparent polycarbonate, it features a structure surface and is roughly reminiscent of a car light. The design exudes a somewhat retro note, despite the modern materials and striking colours.

Torch Light is available as a suspension in three shapes to choose from and is suitable for the direct illumination of dining tables and other surfaces. It can serve singly, in rows or in clusters.

The table lamp is especially suitable as a flexible, cheerful reading light to be placed on the floor or bedside and also be held in the hand as a conventional torch.

Torch Light by Sylvain Willenz received an award at the UK Grand Design Awards in 2009 and is now a designer classic of the label Established & Sons.

Please, note that Torch Light can be operated only with LED lamps.