Established & Sons
Fold Collection

Alexander Taylor

The popular Fold light is made of a single steel sheet
and is a designer classic by the Established & Sons label.

With the Fold table lamp the British designer Alexander Taylor created one of the most popular light in the Established & Sons' portfolio in 2005. Its particularity: the whole light body is made of a single piece of metal.

The light's ground shape has been laser-cut in a thin steel plate. It is then precisely bent to turn into a three-dimensional shape. Fold is very similar to a conventional table lamp, consisting of a square shade, a slender stem and a round base, but new interpreted in a minimalist reduction and for this reason absolutely modern. The visible electrical cable is coated with textile and twisted like the lights in mid-century design style.

The Fold table lamp is available in two sizes. Since 2006, it has been exhibited in the New York Museum of Modern Art and in the Art Institute of Chicago.