Established & Sons
Cho Light Collection

Thanks to its very slender stem, the Cho Light by
Established & Sons can swing to the side when bumped into.

Cho Light is a charming floor lamp by Established & Sons with a soft light and an unobtrusive construction. It provides diffuse, continuously dimmable light which passes through the Washi paper shade in off white. The paper's irregular surface lends each light an individual note and breaks with the design's clear minimalism.

The light's main feature is the black carbone fibre stem which is not only extremely thin (with a diamter of 6 mm only) but also flexible. It is possible to bend the light fixture to the side. When released, it swings back into its former straight position.

The round shade of Japanese Washi paper is carefully made by hand using traditional techniques. The slightly creased surface and the translucent seams lend the design complexity and liveliness as well as an individual note. Inside the shade, there is also a Pyrexglass diffuser which screens the lamp and evenly distributes its light.

Cho is available with stems in two heights and shades in two sizes. The floor lamp is equipped with a black electrical cable with foot dimmer. It enables to continuously dim the light.