Ross Lovegrove

Ross Lovegrove

Ross Lovegrove is a British product designer whose designs are characterised by organic, biomorphic shapes. He has worked for renowned companies in the most various fields during his long and varied career.

Biomorphic, organic shapes inspired by nature are typical for Lovegrove's designs. While some of his designs imitate plants, other works by Lovegrove are reminiscent of complex, organic structures which are only visible with a microscope. Organic shapes, modern technologies and new materials' development are the three pillars of Lovegrove's designs. Not only does he draw inspiration from nature, but he also protects and preserves it with novel technologies and ideas.

Lovegrove has been awarded numerous international awards, among them the Red Dot Design Award 2010 and the German Design Award 2016. His works have been exhibited in famous museums all over the world. Lovegrove's works can be admired in permanent exhibitions, for example in the MoMa in New York.

Ross Lovegrove was born in 1958 in Cardiff and studied design in Manchester and London in the early eighties. He made his first designs at the German company Frog Design for Sony and Apple. He worked for Knoll International in France and, as a member of Atelier de Nîmes, worked as consultant for famous companies, such as Hermès and Louis Vuitton. Ross Lovegrove returned to London and founded his own design studio called Studio X. He integrated his expressive style in nearly every design field, ranging from technical devices to furniture and plane equipment, and worked with numerous leading companies. He designed pieces of furniture, home accessories and light fixtures for Moooi, Danese, Driade and Zanotta.

Like Ross Lovegrove's other works, his light fixtures impress with shapes inspired by nature and also with the materials and technologies he uses. Cosmic Leaf or Chlorophilia for Artemide, which are characterised by a plant-like shape and create the same changing light as a tree foliage, are good examples of his work. The suspensionSpace Cloud by Artemide has layers of diffusers arranged on top of each other which are reminiscent of clouds, and best exemplifies Lovegrove's nature-inspired design.

The Solar Trees, which were presented at the Design Week in Vienna in 2007, are the result of fruitful collaboration with Artemide. This solar-driven street lighting has the appearance of slightly slanting, large trees which provide not only light, but also a feeling of nature in the city centre.

Lovegrove has created iconic design lights for Luceplan, especially the outdoor lights Pod Lens with a bud-like diffuser which subtly adapts to the garden.