Paolo Rizzatto

Paolo Rizzatto

Paolo Rizzatto, a designer and architect born in 1941 in Milan, studied at the famous Polytechnic University of Milan and obtained a diploma in architecture. While working free-lance in the fields of architecture, interior decoration and design, he created his first lights at the famous manufacturer Arteluce.

In 1978, Paolo Rizzatto, Riccardo Sarfatti and Sandra Severi founded the lighting company Luceplan, a design label for high-quality lighting objects which is among the most famous today. Luceplan is committed to sustainability and innovative lighting technique, paired with high-class design. Paolo Rizzatto has designed Luceplan's popular workplace lights.

In addition to his work for Luceplan, Paolo Rizzatto also worked for numerous other great manufacturers such as Artemide, Danese, Kartell, Nemo, Philips and Serralunga. The Italian had his greatest success with his own label, Luceplan. Paolo Rizzatto is especially famous for masterly designed lights which give full satisfaction in terms of function and aesthetics. The light fixture Luceplan Berenice, designed in 1987 in collaboration with Alberto Meda, was awarded the coveted design prize, Compasso d'Oro, and is still very popular for its flexible light adjustment and timeless design.

In 1998, Rizzatto and Meda presented another smart concept for the illumination of modern working places: the Fortebraccio table lamp which was awarded the first design prize, the Good Design Award. The light designer not only successfully created table lamps, he also won recognition for his classical lights for homes. He has earned huge success with the Costanza light, which owes its popularity to a simple shape and an optimal lighting effect. The conical shade's classical shape seamlessly adapts to every interior, while its double lighting emission provides both general lighting and accent lighting. The Titania suspension, launched in 1989, was also a success. Design aficionados from the whole world are enchanted by its futurist charm.

The Hope light family, launched in 2011 and designed by Paolo Rizzatto in collaboration with the designer Francisco Gomez Paz, has been awarded another Compasso d'Oro. Hope appeals with its unconventional use of Fresnel lenses and creates unparalleled, sparkling lighting effects.