Leonhard Bopp

Leonhard Bopp

The lighting designer Leonhard Bopp went to the Nicolaus Kister high-school in Mosbach in Bade Wurtemberg, Germany. He first studied pharmacy from 1978 to 1982 in Wurzburg. It is only when he joined the Bopp Leuchten company in 1985 that he stopped studying pharmacy and came into contact with lighting design, which has since become his focus and passion.

Leonard Bopp is still the manager of Bopp Leuchten GmbH with headquarters in Limbach in the Odenwald area. The lighting brand's daughter Escale was founded in 1991, and produces light fixtures for the German and international market. The idea for the Escale brand came in 1988, and was the result of the encounter and friendship between Leonhard Bopp and independant designer Mosru Mohiuddin. Their objective was the development of light fixtures which are not tied to customers' expectations and which were not meant first and formost for a wide-scale commercialization. Unlike Bopp lights the Escale lights are sold in more exclusive speciality shops.

Several Escale lights are positioned successfully in the market. They are timelessly beautiful designer objects with outstanding lighting effects. Leonard Bopp designed the Crystal Rain ceiling lamp and the Eos suspension. Like every other Escale product they are characterized by especially high-quality materials and high-end technology which contribute to the lights' long life span.