Inga Sempé

Inga Sempé

The French designer Inga Sempé was born in Paris in 1968. Her parents are the painter and illustrator Mette Ivers and the famous cartoonist Jean-Jacque Sempé. Today she is one of the most significant French light designers. Her designs are in the portfolio of important brands like Luceplan and Wästberg.

Inga Sempé studied in Paris at the famous "Ecole nationale supérieure de Création industrielle". In 2000/2001 she worked in the Villa Medici in Rome with a grant of the Académie de France and later opened her own design workshop in Paris. For her creations ranging from furniture to light fixtures and everyday objects, she attracted attention internationally and earned numerous design prizes like the Red Dot Design Award and the "Grand Prix de la création" of Paris.

Inga Sempé's lights generally have a simple and clear style, while their function is brought to the fore. However the designer's lights are often colourful and emotional, and even playful. For Wästberg she designed the collection Sempé w103 with bowl-like, multicoloured shades, and the multifunctional Île clamp light, inspired by the reading lamps of her youth.

Photo: © Marion Leflour