Enzo Catellani

Enzo Catellani was born on March 27, 1950 and has created handcrafted designer light fixtures since the mid-eighties. He presented one of his first designs at the Francfort fair in 1989, which was very successful. This success enabled him to found the company Catellani & Smith near Bergamo, the same year. Logan Smith who was thought to be a British architect as well as his partner is in fact Enzo Catellani's horse. This provides an example of the extent of Catellani's imagination.

When looking at the handcrafted designs by Enzo Catellani, one must appreciate the attention he gives to detail. Catellani designed the light Fil de Fer in 2002, for the Museo della Cartografia di Stato in Rome. It represents the universe with numerous little lights. The filigree, spherical framework is made of aluminium wire enhanced by many light sources. The fascinating interaction of light and shadow creates an enchanting atmosphere. The exclusive Fil de Fer is always a unique piece.

The refined, expensive looking Stchu-Moon series launched in 1997 appeals with an irregular surface coated with gold, silver or copper, which reflects the light and spreads it into the room. Colour was first incorporated into the designs with the PostKrisi collection in 2004. The fibre glass lampshades in this light series are hand-lacquered in primary colours. The sculptural appearance of the lights prevails during the day, the suspension lamps, wall lamps and floor lamps look light and delicate, once the light has been turned on. They generate subtle plays of light and shadow, which are typical for Enzo Catellani's creations.