Alexander Taylor

Alexander Taylor

Alexander Taylor was born in 1975 and founded his own design studio in 2002, where he developed lights and furniture for leading, international brands, such as Established & Sons, ClassiCon and Zanotta.

For Established & Sons, he designed the Fold light made of a single, folded steel sheet in 2005. It makes an efficient and ressource-saving manufacturing process possible. With other designs, Taylor uses reduction for the benefit of the environment and sustainability. He developed the PrimeKnit sports footwear, the upper part of which is an entirely woven single part, while it was usually composed of many, small pieces elaborately put together. Its minimalism is not only aesthetic, but also applied to transportation and production. Today, Alexander Taylor works as a design and innovation consultant for Adidas.

Taylor has been awarded many design prizes, for example the Good Design Award, for his aesthetic and functional furniture and design lights. The trailblazing Fold table lamp is displayed in the Museum of Modern Art's design collections in New York and in the Chicago Institute of Design since 2006.

Photo: Alexander Taylor Studio