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The light fixtures by Design By Us (usually called lights) are made in Copenhagen and feature unusual shapes, colours and material combinations. The exclusive light fixtures made in Denmark are designed by the founder, Rasumus von Larson, and sold in Europe.

The light fixtures produced by Design by Us do not have much in common with what is understood as Scandinavian design, which owes its popularity to clear shapes and a no-frills appearance. Unlike "Nordic style" lights, the lights by Design by Us are not famous for their straightforward shapes but more for their added details and their amusing unusual form. Design by Us' style is characterised by original colours, shapes and materials. This creative process translates into fashionable, modern, and very provocative objects which speak a unique design language.

Design By Us was founded in 1999 by Rasmus Larsson and served as a creative platform for the young designer. Design by Us soon turned into a design company for lights, furniture and accessories, where colleagues joined forces, and which now sells inspiring products in every country in Europe. The Dane Rasmus Larsson is still an active designer, famous for designig exclusive objects.

The product range by the Copenhagen-based manufacturer includes lights, seats, tables and accessories; light fixtures comprise the larger part of Design by Us' portfolio. Each light tells its own story and possesses a unique character.

The extraordinary light fixtures by the Scandinavian light company adapt well to every furnishing style thanks to their unconventional formal language. They attract attention in neutral contexts and serve as luminous, decorative accessories in Bohemian interiors.

Design By Us, based in Copenhagen, describes itself as an unequalled, multidisciplinary studio, where passion is the rule. Its imaginative concepts and design solutions result from permanent efforts to open up new frontiers and create objects unheard of in Scandinavia. The Danish design company succeeds in renewing the image of modern design with light fixtures and furniture both mischievious and bold.

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