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The light fixtures by the Belgian company Delta Light, which was founded in 1987 by the designer and CEO Paul Ameloot, are today among the top light fixtures on the market for architectural lighting. They have been made famous by their subtle alliance of ambiance, elegance and function, as well as for the excellence of their quality and designs. Design, test and production are performed on site at Delta Light in Belgium.

Delta Light products are now sold in 120 countries in the world because Delta Light has distinguished itself with the quality of its services and with specialised training offered at its training centre, The House of Light. There light experts with knowledge of the newest technologies introduce innovative methods in implementation and industrial trends, as well as the latest product developments. Delta Light manufactures increasingly refined products and combines quality, innovation and durability by using current technologies to create revolutionary designs which satisfy the most demanding customers.

The fact that the lights are designed, tested and manufactured on site ensures continuous updating of the collections. Among other technologies, Delta Light uses 3-D printing, which makes it possible to obtain the desired shapes. The light fixtures for indoors and outdoors, whether wall lamps, ceiling lamps, recessed lamps or suspensions, systematically undergo strict quality control. Delta Light also designs and produces its own LEDs, which enables the company to offer made-to-specification solutions to architects to meet the requirements of their particular projects. The Reo LED technology, which is integrated into the newest, but also the classical lights by Delta Light, guarantees a balance between the lighting quality and the energy efficiency of the high-performance LEDs ranging from 500 and 2000 in luminescence. These factors explain why the manufacturer Delta Light has been awarded prestigious prizes, such as the iF Design, the Good Design Award and the Red Dot for luminaires which have achieved a state of near perfection.

The architectural light fixtures by Delta Light are highly valued by architects for lighting commercial and public spaces, but also by a larger audience of private customers, who use them to illuminate their homes. The lights appeal for a variety of reasons, like their shapes and the unconventional materials they are made of, as in the case of the incredible Metronome suspension lamp. Their increased flexibility is demonstrated by lights with a directable light beam in the Tweeter collection or their new colours which enhance their elegance, exemplified by the golden inner surface of the Delta Light Ultra SP. Delta Light also offers accessories, like lenses which intensify lighting effects, new ceiling lamps that flood the walls with light, customised LED profiles and new generations of LEDs. Delta Light also extended its famous Supernova series, which is very popular in TV studios and should not be missed. Design, function, quality, innovation and sustainability characterise the lights manufactured by Delta Light.

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